Our Services Include

No matter how big or small your computer problem - we are here to help. With over 20 years experience of working with computers, we have seen and fixed most problems. We can diagnose and advise as to the most cost effective course of action, and will carry out any repairs as soon as possible to minimise the inconvenience to you and your family. Give us a call!

Has your laptop or PC become infected with a virus, trojan or spyware? Is your computer's performance inconsistent or is it doing weird things? Are you worried about your computer's security? We can help by removing any viruses or spyware, ensuring anti-virus software is up to date, checking firewall settings and by offering advice on security practices to help prevent your computer getting infected again and reduce the chance of further problems. Give us a call!

If you are having issues with your broadband connection or just want to switch provider, don't panic as we are here to help and can guide you through the process.

We can install your router, set up and configure your wireless broadband connection, install signal boosters if appropriate or help with any internet or email problems you may be having. We can also optimise your internet settings in order to speed up your connection and boost your downloads. Give us a call!

Sometimes the only answer is a complete reinstallation of Microsoft Windows. We can carry out this procedure for you, reinstall all of the required device drivers and updates, and ensure that none of your personal files or emails are compromised. Give us a call!

Like any high performance device, we recommend that your computer is serviced regularly in order to maintain optimum performance. At Calica Computer Solutions we offer a comprehensive healthcheck service which includes:

  • full spyware/malware/virus scan
  • installation of all available Windows updates
  • installation of software updates
  • optimisation of start-up process
  • removal of unnecessary files and applications
  • installation/update of security software
  • defragment of hard drive
  • complete internal valet and clean

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Running out of disk space or computer running slow? We can analyse your PC's performance and recommend a cost effective upgrade to ensure that you get the most out of your PC. Popular hardware upgrades we offer include:

  • Memory upgrade
  • Replacing or adding hard disk storage
  • Adding DVD drives
  • Upgrading or adding video cards
  • Replacement of internal fans
  • Adding USB ports

We can also advise and assist with the purchase of new machines or other related equipment including printers, scanners, speakers, webcams and much more. Give us a call!

Want to use new technology but don't want to change your computer?

At Calica Computer Solutions we can upgrade your machine to the latest operating system and transfer your existing files. We can also help with any software issues and supply and install any additional software to suit your requirements. Give us a call!

If your screen has become cracked or damaged, there's usually no need to buy a new laptop. We can source and replace the screen for you. Give us a call today for a free estimate. Give us a call!

At Calica Computer Solutions we understand just how distressing it can be if you have lost valuable data, precious family photographs or important work. This can happen for a number of reasons including a failed drive, corrupt files or even accidental deletion or formatting. If this happens, don't panic - we are here to help!

We can attempt to retrieve any data that has become lost or corrupted at a fraction of the cost usually charged by data recovery specialists. We can also advise and implement effective backup procedures in order to safeguard your important data from future loss. Give us a call!

Want to purchase a new computer or laptop but confused by all of the jargon and don't know which model to buy? Or maybe you've already bought your machine but it's still sitting in the box because you don't know what to do next! Whatever your situation, we can help. We can cut through the jargon and source the most cost effective machine to suit your individual needs. Then once you have made your purchase we can set up your new machine and connect it up with all of your technology to ensure that they all work seamlessly together. We can install your software and transfer your files. Or maybe you just want to install a new printer or scanner, or setup a wireless network, whatever your need, we can help. Give us a call!

Using a computer or new software for the first time? Unsure of how to use Windows 10? Need advice on how to ensure your children are using the internet safely? Whatever your issue, we can offer friendly advice or individual computer training to suit your needs. We can provide simple training at a level and pace to suit you, in all aspects of computer usage including effective backup procedures, PC housekeeping, surfing the internet and can also give tuition in the use of most software packages, for example Microsoft Office. There is no such thing as a stupid question and it is never too late to learn, so give us a call today and get the most out of your equipment. Give us a call!

Want to maintain optimum performance?

Need advice about which computer or laptop to buy?

No matter how big or small your computer problem, we are here to help.

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